Living Dolls

An uncanny RPG horror adventure

Living dolls is an adventure in the Feathertail Falls RPG campaign, where players take on the role of mouse-adventurers.

A pastel-colored dollhouse stands in the room of a young girl named Alice, housing mouse dolls in plaid petticoats and hand-knitted jumpers. They pretend to drink tea and eat plastic chicken legs, creating a perfect scene. But something smells off.

It is the smell of preservatives.

Above the dollhouse, a hatch leads to a dark attic called Rumpleton Abbey by its mouse inhabitants. Led by Brother Blackplumb, the monks there practice total petrification and sometimes perform as living statues. Dressed like the dollhouse mice, they aim for the ultimate stillness and serene emptiness known to the little girl as 'taxidermy.'
© Max Philippi